Hershey Kisses Christmas Tree Gifts

I am a huge lover of cute paper crafts.  A couple of days ago I posted an easy to make paper-strip tree that your students can make and decorate.  Today I am posting a really cute Hershey Kisses Christmas Tree paper craft.  

I get my love of paper crafts from my mom - the official queen of sewing, paper cutting, and crafts.  She found this super cute paper Hershey Christmas Tree pattern from Qbee's Quest website.  If you love paper crafts you will want to subscribe to her blog.  She has a video tutorial on making these cute trees.  They are detailed, but easy to make.  My daughter made 15, with my mom, this afternoon.

Here are some pics of the process:

I would love to hear if you like these and think you will make them.  Let me know if you like posts about crafts.  I am always making something and love to share.


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  1. Those are sooooo stinkin' caaaaute! LOVE THEM! Thanks for sharin'!
    I think I may have to make these as well :)

  2. These are super cute and I may give them a try. I'm still racking my brain as to what we can give our crossing guard for Christmas...he might like a tree full of chocolate!

    I love anything craft related, so if you post craft ideas, I, for one, will always enjoy reading them!

    Primarily Speaking

  3. very cute! I think I'll make them for the other teachers at my school. Of course it'll be 11 PM on the night before Christmas vacation when I finally get around to it. Keep on posting about your crafts- they're great! I loved your pumpkins with the monograms!

  4. I love your christmas tree idea here...they're so cute and awesome...This is a great crafty gift this holiday season...

  5. Your trees turned out sooooo cute!! Look at your amazing daughter crafting away. It makes me smile. TFS!

  6. So cute, I am going to try them as package tie-ons!


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