My New Classroom Reveal

I am so excited to reveal my new classroom.  I haven't done a post in a month because I have been Overwhelmed with a capital "O" getting used to my new grade level and my new curriculum.  This is my fourth year teaching at my charter school where both of my kids attend.  They are in 3rd and 6th grade this year and I was my son's K and 1st grade teacher!  I stayed in first another year and moved grade levels this year to teach Jr. High Science.  So, now I teach my daughter who is in 6th grade!

My room is used by the church, my school rents from, twice a week.  So, it had to be designed so that I could move all of the furniture to one side of the room twice a week.  This includes moving my document camera and projector so I got creative and brought in a rolling kitchen cart for my equipment.  

The church also uses the tall white cabinet so the room has very little storage.  My principal agreed to add cabinets above the two counters and I reused the square fabric bins to store supplies.

Here is my room before and after!


Cabinets added over the counter add storage and I repainted the walls.

I made 3 fabric-covered bulletin boards for the back wall.
The large cubby is moved to the end wall.

I added a window valance and blinds over bookshelves that hold student file boxes.
This is my teacher desk corner - tiny, but it works.  I have my up-styled filing cabinet behind the blue  bookcase.
The textbook bookcase divides my teacher corner from the classroom.
Behind the bookcase is my file cabinet than I repainted and my refrigerator.
Here is my "Newton's Apple" that is filled with gum and Jolly Ranchers to reward helpers and smart answers.
Here are my new upper cabinets.  They came unfinished and I painted them to match the back wall.  I plan to paint the lower cabinets to match and put handles and locks on the cabinets.
Students check their file box when they come in the classroom.
Here I organize materials for my 4 different science classes.  I teach 3 different grade levels.
I recycled an unused charging station I had into my center for the pencil sharpener, walkie talkie, tape, and hole punch. It keeps the cords nice and neat.
Here is my class schedule and homework board.  The different classes are labeled across and the days of the week are labeled down to match the student's planners.
Here are my bins that hold my up-styled clipboards I made this summer and some workbooks.
My Lab Expectations are mounted above the student file boxes.
I store supplies in these colorful fabric bins on top of the cubbies.

I hope you enjoyed the tour of my classroom.  I'd love to hear what products work best to organize your classroom.

Have fun teaching,

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  1. I love your room! All of the colors work so beautifully together to make it look nice and homey :)

  2. Love the colors and your schedule board!

  3. Your room is awesome! I teach 5th and 8th grade math so i'm always looking for ideas for middle school decor :)

    1. Nice to meet you! Middle school decor is a challenge, especially since it has to stand up to 100+ kids a day! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.


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