DIY Fabric Covered Bulletin Boards

Do you want bulletin boards that stay nice all year with no fuss? I have the solution.  Make your own fabric-covered bulletin boards that stay in new condition for years and flex with the seasons.

Get supply list and step by step directions over at Classroom DIY where I am blogging today.

Classroom DIY

This project is great because you can make a board to custom fit any size space that you have in the classroom.  I have them in all different sizes in my room.  You can tie the color of them all together, if you make more than one, or make them different colors.  The insulation board is very light and easy to work with.  
I pick a neutral border trim that I leave up all year but you can change it to fit the theme of your board.  See one of my bulletin boards below used at Christmas and the same board again in April and May.  I promise you will love these!

Have fun teaching,
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  1. Love this!! So smart!! Now I just wish I didn't have the random ones already in my room so I could put a bunch of these up! :)))
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