Pop Measure and Gold Medalist Awards

I can't believe how the time can fly when school gets out.  My family is busier than ever!  Both of my kids have big sport events coming up that they are practicing several days a week for.  My daughter is entering her first Regional Dive Meet and my son is playing in a State baseball tournament.  It's all fun and BUSY!

I took pictures of an activity that we did the second to last day of school that was a ton of fun!  It was Pop Measure from "From The Pond".  Click on the picture to get your own unit!
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Check out our photos below to see the fun we had!
First we counted our popcorn in groups of ten on the popcorn counting mat.
After predicting which would be heavier, popped or unpopped  corn, we weighed the corn and recorded our findings.
Then we compared the weight of the unpopped corn to other class supplies and recorded our results in our booklet.

We had so much fun with this great math and science activity.  We had a popcorn day and this was about 1 1/2 hours of fun on that day.  It has a great recording booklet that goes with it, that the kids fill out, as you count out popcorn, weigh it, make predictions on whether popped or unpopped corn will weigh more and compare the weight of popcorn to other items, such as counters.
Here is the picture of my firsties with their Gold Medalist Awards and, of course, their gold medals.  One little boy loved his medal so much, I saw him that night outside of school, and he was still wearing it!  The awards are available in my TpT store HERE.

I loved this group of kiddos and will miss them!  I hope they are all having a great summer break.

Did you do a fun academic activity the last week of school?  I would love to read about it.
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  1. Those popcorn ideas sound like a lot of fun!! Hope you are enjoying your break!

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