Smart Store System and a Rainbow About Me FREEBIE

I want to share another storage item that I LOVE!  It is called the Smart Store System.  These stackable, completely customizable, containers are the best.  They are perfect for storing center materials, paper, manipulatives and anything else you can think of.  

What is so cool about the Smart Store System:
  • customizable
  • four sizes of bins
  • locking lids
  • an assortment of inserts and trays that you can use in countless combinations and ways 

Watch a video of the product at  The Container Store Video Viewing Room .

These lids will NOT accidentally pop off.  They have clips that pop up on the sides that release the lid.  No more carrying a container by the lid and having it spill all over the floor - won't happen!

I use these for all kinds of things.  Here is an example of one that is filled with letter tiles.  I pop of the lid, put it on the carpet or table and the letter tiles are ready to use.  The kids put them back in the labeled bin when finished and they are ready to put back away.  

Click HERE if you would like to download the free ABC  labels for the inserts.  They are formatted to print on Avery 8160 labels.  Just print, peel, and stick.
I want to share another FREEBIE that I like to use at the beginning of the year with my kids when we are learning/reviewing our colors and sharing about ourselves.  After completing the rainbow they take turns sharing with the class.  I hope you like it too.  Click on the picture to download.
P.S.  I do not receive any renumeration or free product from The Container Store (I wish I did!).  I am just a girl who loves containers and sharing what works for me.

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday
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Organize your Classroom Supplies

Summer is a great time to decide how you will organize your supplies for next year.  I am changing rooms next year and will have shelves instead of cubbies, but the containers and labels will still work great.

Here is the supply cubbie I have had for the last few years:
Sterilite Small Bin
I love the Sterilite Small Bins. I have used plastic shoeboxes, fabric boxes, and other bin versions.  I like these the best.   Here's why:
  • They are very durable, strong, and don't bend out of shape
  • They stack!  You flip in the handles and they stack. 
  • They are easy to pull out of cubbies and shelves because of the handles.
  • They are easy for the kiddos to carry, so I store manipulatives in these too and the kids hand out and pick up the manipulatives easily.
  • They are available at Target and The Container Store and lots of other places as well for approximately $2.50.

Now the labels are a few years old and not very fancy (one is missing, you can see) so I needed a label update.  
You can get your own FREE set by clicking on the picture below.
 If you like something a little fancier, check out my stores for other designs such as the one below:
Polka Dot

Now on to make some of those cute Pinterest scrapbook paper covered clipboards!

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday
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Brown Bear Activities Giveaway

I just finished my Brown Bear Color Words, Literacy, and Math Activities unit and want to share it!  

I am having a giveaway on Teacher's Notebook to 3 winners of my complete 75 page unit.  It will give you tons of ideas and printables for centers and independent work to start the school year.

So head on over to Teacher's Notebook starting Sunday to enter!  The giveaway is running from Sunday 6/24 - 6/30.

I have uploaded the preview to Google Docs.  Just click HERE to go there.  The unit is available in both my TpT and TN stores.

Have fun teaching!
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TBA Friday Freebie & Classroom Themes

Freebie Fridays

For me, planning my classroom design is one of my favorite things.  I have been making some fun classroom organization sets this summer.  Like me, a lot of you love polka dots.  I have been in a polka dot craze.  I'll  be posting everywhere I have been using polka dots in my life.  
To start with, here is my new phone case.  Isn't it cute?  Love it!

I have another polka dot freebie for you today - incentive charts in lots of colors.  Click on the picture to download.

I have also been creating a lot of fun classroom organization sets.  Maybe your future classroom theme is here.  You can link to my store for previews by clicking on the photos.

Do you decorate your classroom with a theme?
Have fun teaching!

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DIY Chair Pocket Covers

Do your students need a place to keep their classroom library books, white boards, and/or folders without them getting destroyed in their desks?  Then make these durable and easy to make pocket chair covers.
Head on over to Classroom DIY where I am blogging today. I have posted the things you need and the directions to make them.

Classroom DIY

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Classroom Behavior Management Tools FREEBIE

I have tried a lot of different management systems in my classroom and this is the easiest one to implement that I have found.  Everyone starts the day on Green - Ready to Learn.  Students move up and down the chart as they make choices throughout the day.  Student's move their own clothespins on the chart so there is built-in intrinsic motivation to be moving up and not down the chart.  I love that it rewards students making good choices and does not just point out students making bad choices.  To learn more about this system from it's creator, I recommend that you download Rick Morris' FREE ebook HERE.

For a FREE behavior management clip chart that coordinates with all of my Polka Dot classroom tools click on the picture below.

Another management tool that I use in my classroom is the Noise Level Stop Light.  I use this with clothespins too and put the clothespin where the noise level needs to be.  I typically have it on red light for tests and direct instruction, yellow light for partner work and during guided reading, and green light during centers and group work.

If you like the Noise Level Stop Light, you can download it FREE by clicking on the picture.
What are your favorite behavior management tools?

Freebie Fridays

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

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More FREE Polka Dot Color Words

I have expanded this free color word set to include 24 colors!  I had forgotten to include brown and after I made brown, the set just grew from there to 24 colors, still FREE.  So, if you have downloaded this freebie already, please download again HERE to get the expanded set from TpT.

You can also get the FREE set here from Google Docs. Just click on the picture.
Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

Here's the colors, just add students!
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Make Mine Polka Dots (TBA Friday Freebie)

Like many of you, I am thinking about the next school year already.  And, I am ready for a face lift in my classroom.  I am moving to a new room and a new grade and it has put me in the mood to organize and create something new.  I was talking with my teacher friends at school and they want a face lift too.  So, I am creating a variety of classroom organization and decor packs.

I have a Western/Cowboy theme, a Building Block (©Lego) theme, an Owls for all Year theme, and a Polka Dot theme.  I am working on a couple of others too.

But, today is all about polka dots.  I am linking up with TBA's Friday Freebies with this Polka Dots Color Words set.  Click on the photo to grab yours.  

Then if your a polka dot kind of girl check out the coordinating sets below and click on the photos to see more.

Click on photo to grab your free Color Words

The Birthday Mini-Bulletin Board Set is part of the Classroom Organization and Decor Set

What theme are you thinking of doing in your classroom next school year?

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Pop Measure and Gold Medalist Awards

I can't believe how the time can fly when school gets out.  My family is busier than ever!  Both of my kids have big sport events coming up that they are practicing several days a week for.  My daughter is entering her first Regional Dive Meet and my son is playing in a State baseball tournament.  It's all fun and BUSY!

I took pictures of an activity that we did the second to last day of school that was a ton of fun!  It was Pop Measure from "From The Pond".  Click on the picture to get your own unit!
Pinned Image

Check out our photos below to see the fun we had!
First we counted our popcorn in groups of ten on the popcorn counting mat.
After predicting which would be heavier, popped or unpopped  corn, we weighed the corn and recorded our findings.
Then we compared the weight of the unpopped corn to other class supplies and recorded our results in our booklet.

We had so much fun with this great math and science activity.  We had a popcorn day and this was about 1 1/2 hours of fun on that day.  It has a great recording booklet that goes with it, that the kids fill out, as you count out popcorn, weigh it, make predictions on whether popped or unpopped corn will weigh more and compare the weight of popcorn to other items, such as counters.
Here is the picture of my firsties with their Gold Medalist Awards and, of course, their gold medals.  One little boy loved his medal so much, I saw him that night outside of school, and he was still wearing it!  The awards are available in my TpT store HERE.

I loved this group of kiddos and will miss them!  I hope they are all having a great summer break.

Did you do a fun academic activity the last week of school?  I would love to read about it.
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