We Achieved our Reading Challenge!

We started a reading challenge on the hundredth day of school for each first grader to read 50 books or 500 pages (if they were a chapter book reader).  We met and passed our goal and had a class ice cream party last week.  As a class we read close to 1,000 books!  The second grade challenged their students read 1,000 pages each and they soared way past their goal too! 

I told the students that I would let them pick a book out if they met their individual reading goal.  I gave the students a selection of books to choose from to order from the Scholastic Book Club.  Today our prize books came!
We really enjoyed watching our stars go up to show our progress on the challenge chart.  It motivated the kids to bring in their reading sheets and read at home.  If you would like to use my reading challenge chart and forms for a reading challenge in your classroom.  You can get it HERE FREE.
How do you encourage your kiddos to read?
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  1. Hey Pamela! I just noticed when I clicked on your link on my linky party that it links to this post instead of the one about your gifts. I'm not sure if you meant to do that but I know my followers would love to see your cute idea for volunteers!

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