Rock Cinquain Poems, Earth, Our Home Books, and Silkworms

We have been writing and reading poetry this month, during Poetry Month.  Earlier in the month we wrote a five senses poem about Spring.  Last Friday, we wrote cinquain poems about rocks as the last activity of our rock unit.  We practiced writing cinquain poems a couple of times with other topics and then I cut them loose to write their own on rocks.  I let them work in pairs to write them (my class this year just works better in pairs) and they did a great job.
solid, hard
shining, erupting, moving
Volcanoes are rocks.
hard, volcanoes
moving, changing, layering
I like to climb rocks!

We finished our Earth, Our Home books today.  We created them as both an appreciation of the Earth and its wonders and as an introduction to habitats which we will be studying soon.  Here is one student's book that I loved.
And...we are on week 2 of our silkworm observations.  We are keeping a lab book.  Right now we are writing observations once a week.  Starting next week the worms will be changing fast enough to do observation writing a couple of times a week.  Our silkworms are currently 1/4" long and have started to turn from black to white.  They are really hard to see right now but maybe you can pick them out!
We are having fun with science in first grade!

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