I just love teaching in the spring.  We are getting ready for our school-wide science fair this week and I have been working on making our classroom shine with all of the science we have been doing - rocks, plants, animals, and silkworm life cycle.  Here is our tear art "parts of a plant" bulletin board.
Below the bulletin board are our lima bean plants we are growing - no stems yet but we are waiting anxiously!
Click on the picture below for FREE directions.

We made "what plants need" handprint plants.  The five stems are labeled, air, water, sun, soil, and nutrients.  If you would like to make this in your classroom, you can get the pattern HERE from my TpT store.

I hope you are enjoying spring teaching as much as I am.  Leave me a comment on how do YOU teach plants?
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  1. That is really cute. I just finished my plants unit. But saving some ideas for next year.

  2. I'm your newest follower. I love your plants activities! I love your blog design cute!



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