Lorax Cause & Effect - Earth, Our Home

Today we started writing our book report on The Lorax.  Our school is doing a school-wide project on Environmental Awareness.  Each grade level decides how they want to interpret the theme.  In first grade we are using The Lorax as our launching point for our project.  I made a Lorax/Earth Day Unit to use for our book report and environmental awareness project.  

While we were completing a venn diagram comparing the Land of the Lorax before the Once-ler arrived and after the Once-ler arrived, I was struck by the fact that NOTHING was the same before and after.  So I made this Cause and Effect graphic organizer to use.  You can download it HERE.
There is a great new little paperback called "How to Help the Earth - by the Lorax".  In Seuss-style verse it covers ways to reduce trash, energy, and other things we can do to protect the environment.  Here is one of the webs we filled out after reading it.
Tomorrow we are making our Earth, Our Home shape book.  I can't wait to share it.  We will be combining my shape book and My Earth Day Poem FREEBIE.  I'll post pics.
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