The Lorax and a 5 Senses Spring Poem

I am really enjoying our April bulletin boards.  We are using my Lorax Unit to learn about the environment and Earth Day.  We are also doing our fourth-quarter book report on The Lorax.  

For our bulletin board, we wrote ways we can help the environment on truffula tree tops and made draw-along Loraxes with legs, arms, mustaches, and eyes from the craft in my Lorax unit.  I also have a coordinating Lorax and Earth Day shape book set, a Lorax Environmental Poster Set and a Lorax paper bag puppet freebie. (click on the picture)

If you would like an Earth Day and Lorax unit, this 84 page unit (on TpT and Teacher's Notebook) is packed with great graphic organizers, writing activities, poems, and literacy and math activities and centers. 

 Following my love of shape writing paper and books, we wrote Spring 5 Senses poems on tulip-shaped paper.  We brainstormed ideas for each sense and then the kiddos wrote their own poems.  They did a great job!  I love this time of year when they start to be come good little writers.

It has been a great week!  We are working hard on our Rock Unit and our silkworms have hatched and we are starting our observations.  I will be posting a couple of Rock Unit investigation graphic organizers tomorrow on TBA's Friday Freebie.  I'll post pictures of them on my blog.  I love Spring!

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  1. very cute! Love the puppet

  2. I love the Lorax things for Earth Day. Very cute! I just became your newest follower.


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