After Spring Break Sale, NASA eClips and Rock Investigations Freebi

I am linking up with TBA's Friday Freebie today!  This week we did Rock Investigations.  Don't kids just LOVE rocks?  The kids came up with some fun questions this year like "Do rocks come from outer space?"  That led us to watching an online NASA eClips video "Our World:Lunar Rock"  on moon rocks.  We also watched NASA eClip "Our World:The Rock Cycle" to introduce the 3 types of rocks.

My freebie includes a Rock Investigations graphic organizer with example and a flip-book design for igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks (I just love flip-books and foldables).  You can get it HERE.

I'm having a post Spring Break sale!  We are in the home stretch of the school year and Spring Fever is high!  Grab some fun science, math, or literacy units from my TpT or Teacher's Notebook store to keep your kiddos engaged.  I have more science units in the works for what we are finishing out the year with - insects, habitats, and the desert.  When I upload those units I will initially offer them at a discount.  So check back and enjoy the last weeks of school!

Thank you for following me. Sharing ideas with other teachers is the best reward!

Happy Teaching!
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  1. Pamela, I couldn't seem to get the link to work to access the freebie. It went to TBA's Freebie Friday (which is how I found you :)

  2. Hey Pamela
    I saw your sale too late! I'm SO BUMMED becuase I just bought a Lorax unit like 2 hours before, and then got your sale notice! And I like the one I got, but I like yours better, and it was on sale!!! Oh well, I love your stuff, I'll be back.

  3. I have a give
    away of my Lorax unit on Teacher's Notebook this weekend. I hope you enter!
    First Class Teacher

  4. I can't get the link to work for the Rock Freebie either. :( I'm still interested, so please let me know. THanks!


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