Rainforest Learning Adventure and three Awesome Giveaways!

During my Spring Break, I have created a 96-page Rainforest Learning Adventure Unit! It is great to use with your animal characteristics, habitat, and environment lessons. It is on SALE for the next 4 days on both my TpT and TN stores.  AND I would love feedback on this unit so I am giving this unit free to the first person who blogs about this unit in a blog post on your blog and leaves me a comment about it.  (Please leave your email address in the comment and the blog post link.)  If you preview the unit and like it, please come back and leave a comment on my blog to share with others (and follow my TpT store!).

Here is what it includes:
* 10 graphic organizers with teacher resources to teach the 4 layers of the rainforest, animals and plants of the rainforest, gifts from the rainforest and the future of the rainforests
* 9-page emergent reader with half-size student copy to illustrate or write
* 6 venn diagrams comparing rainforest animals 
* animal investigation organizer to use as a stand alone project or to organize information on an animal for a non-fiction animal report 
* 42-word word wall writing resource
* rainforest-themed stationary for writing prompts, creative writing and/or non-fiction reports
*rainforest folded book example and instructions
* 4 animal art projects - toucan, pirahna, red-eyed tree frog, and sloth (projects are made with simple geometric shapes and coordinate well with math units on fractions and shapes)
* poem for poetry binder and version to illustrate
* 8 animal diagrams to label
* 2 rainforest-themed math centers - fact family board game and spin, graph, tally, and interpret rainforest animal data

Let the adventure begin! 

Pocket Full of Kinders is having a Mega Giveaway (this is huge!) to celebrate 400 followers!  She has linked up with 13 other teachers to put some fantastic prizes together.  Check it out here and please comment here on my blog if you are entering the giveaway.

Marie at The Hands-On Teacher is having a Giveaway that ends Sunday night, the 25th!  She is giving away a $10 gift card to TpT and is partnering with Lacey at Wild About Teaching who is giving away two of her spring units.  Click below to go to Marie's blog post.

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  3. Kelly won my rainforest unit but you can still get it in sale at TpT on sale through Weds.

    Congratulations Kelly!

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  5. Superb post with wonderful ideas and views shared.


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