Foldable Silent "e" Flash Cards and Writing Story Boards

I was really excited to hear about Laura Candler's foldable freebies link up because I just LOVE foldables.  I use them for just about everything.  We make flip book poems (my St. Patrick's Day freebie), lift-the-flap books (my Arizona Symbols freebie) and for flash cards and writing story boards.
Click HERE for a FREEBIE from my I Love Cupcakes Silent E Word Work Unit.  Copy the cards double-sided on card stock,  cut, and fold.

Here is an example of a foldable page for writing and illustrating Beginning, Middle, End of a story.  I use these for writing about a story we have read and also for their own original stories.  Take a 12 x 18 sheet of paper and fold into six sections.  I like to glue lined paper on the bottom half to write on and have them illustrate the top section.  You can use both sides for First, Next, Then, Last or to add Problem/Solution on the back.
 For older kids, 2nd or 3rd grade, I glue 3x5 note cards to each of the six sections for a more developed story board.  This can be for a draft or final copy.
Hope these ideas add to your own foldables collection of ideas.  Happy folding!

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