Dr. Seuss Day

Wow! What a week! We had parent-teacher conferences this week. With the shortened days, Dr. Seuss was left all for today instead of spread out throughout the week. I started the day like a normal Friday, collecting homework and giving the  spelling test. Then we launched full speed into Dr. Seuss. After learning about the author with a PowerPoint my co-worker Krissy gave me, we made hats to wear while we read Dr. Seuss books.

Then after reading Cat in the Hat, we wrote about the mischief Thing 1 or Thing 2 would cause if they came to our house or school. One student wrote that Thing 1 and 2 came to school and wrapped me up in a cloth and stole all of our books! We followed our writing with handprint Thing 1s. I found that great idea on the Tickled to Teach blog.

You would think that is enough crafts for one day but my fabulously creative co-teacher, Leslie, is the book-making queen and made up the cutest Cat in the Hat book that we just had to make.

So...we will be writing about our favorite Dr. Seuss book on Monday in the new books we made and then move back into our regular Superkids reading curriculum. Next year I need to start these activities a little earlier in the week and on Dr. Seuss Day we will just read! Pin It


  1. Cute Dr. Seuss activities...I love that book! Thanks for coming to visit my blog and becoming a friend! I am your 15th and newest follower!
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  2. Hi Pamela - I just found you...cute cute blog. I'm your newest follower. I love your Dr. Seuss stuff. Come on by and visit me...I just posted pictures from my Dr. Seuss Day. :o)
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