Black Lagoon Monsters

Mike Thaler, author of the Black Lagoon books, came to our school yesterday. He told riddles, played word games, did a group monster draw along and read some of his books to the class. Afterwards, when we went back to class, we drew our own monsters! They came out great. You can log onto his website and become a Lagoony by joining the Black Lagoon Fan Club. You will receive a monthly newsletter from their website to keep up on all of the Black Lagoon news. If your class has done a Black Lagoon project, please post. I'd love to see it.

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Make a Cat in the Hat hat

Dear Friends, I am so sorry for the redundant postings last night and this morning.  My computer has caught a "bug" and when I was labeling some posts they vanished and my browser has been hijacked!  My dear hubby is taking my computer to the doctor and letting me use his.  So...hopefully after today you won't be bombarded with the same postings over and over!


Here are directions to make a Cat in the Hat hat!  I made these with my kindergartners a couple of years ago and my kiddos can't wait to make them this year.  They have been fighting over trying on "the sample" all week!  Check out the cute class photo.  Click on the picture to download free directions to make these hats.

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We all learn from each other!

My favorite learning in the classroom is the learning the kids do together and from each other. This week we are reviewing contractions and compound words in our literacy centers. This is my kiddos favorite time of the day They also rotate through the computer center.
I usually have them work in pairs or groups up to four kids.  They are able to choose which center they start with and move through them as time allows.  I love how independent first graders are by February.  I'd love to hear how you manage center time.
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Lorax Approved!

As no paper was used in the creation of this blog, I declare it "Lorax Approved!"  I am so excited to be making my first post.  I have wanted to start a blog since last summer when I discovered teaching blogs! I follow alot of teaching blogs.  All of you wonderful, creative teachers have inspired me this year and I had to start my own blog to make new friends and connect with other creative teachers.  I am a second-career teacher.  After having another career for almost 20 years, I was inspired by one of my children's teachers and encouraged by a friend (thanks Kim!) to go back to school and become a teacher.  I am in my 3rd year of teaching and my second in first grade.  I LOVE teaching first grade.  Our school has 3 projects a year that we do school-wide and our third one is on environmental awareness.  Being a first grade teacher, a big Dr. Seuss fan (who isn't?) and waiting with baited breath for The Lorax movie to come out, I had to do a Lorax-themed project.  Not to mention that we will pack as many reading, writing, math, and social studies standards into our fun as we can.  Below is a preview of The Lorax Mini-Unit.  You can see more of this unit and get FREE Lorax Posters from my TpT or Teacher's Notebook shop.

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